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Are you ready to escape into a world of magic, adventure, and romance this March?

This box comes with a book of your choosing and six hand-picked gifts you will love.


These boxes are limited so don't miss out!

See below for books within the boxes.


Dark Romance

  • Never Let Go - Lauren Biel
  • Vile Boys -  by Clarissa Wild - Includes author swag!
  • Butcher and the Blackbird - by Brynne Weaver


Fantasy and Fantasy Romance

  • Heartless Hunter -- Hardcover 
  • The Dark Fabel - Katherine Harbour -- Hardcover
  • Kingdon of Flames and Flowers - Raven Storm -- Paperback with author swag



  • Chasing the Dragon by Mark Towse -- Signed bookplate and bookmark
  • All The Fiends of Hell by Adam Nevill -- Signed bookplate
  • Grey Dog by Elliott Gish



Romance (Sweeter but still smutty)

  • Burn by Tamara Lush
  • Love Naturally by Sophie Sullivan
  • A Long Time Coming by Meghan Quinn


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly at


These boxes are designed for mature audiences and can and will include books with adult situations


**US Shipping Now Available**


Please note boxes may contain food and skin care items. Please let us know if you have any allergens or sensitivities.

US residence: Please note duties/tariffs and taxes may be added when the package arrives.

Single Book Box - March/Spring '24

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