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Three books and author swag when available! 

Our bookmark and monthly sticker are included :)


If the extras aren't your thing then this is the book box for you. We know not everyone likes or can even use some of the extras, so we designed this simple box just for you. Please note some genres just based on the cost of the books may be slightly higher or lower. This is our first month trying this so will see how it goes!


Dark Romance

(Please note due to the high cost of the Dark Romance Books from the suppliers, this does cost an extra $15)

Wanna Play a Game by Alina May

Fiery Little Things by Avina St. Graves

Feral by Mila Crawford


Fantasy and Fantasy Romance

The Deer and the Dragon (No Other Gods #1) Cj, Piper (Author)

When Among Crows - Roth, Veronica (Author) Hardcover

The Honey Witch - Shields, Sydney J (Author)


Sweeter Romance

The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center

All's Fair in Love and War by Virginia Heath

Nearlywed by Nicolas DiDomizio



The House That Horror Built - Henry, Christina (Author)

Horror Movie - Tremblay, Paul

Cuckoo – Gretchen Felker-Martin