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The exclusive paperback of Gulf with art print and a signed bookplate!

*If you loved Stranger Things, then this genre-bending horror-dark fantasy is just for you*


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A lonely teen discovers a new door in his family's old summer cottage and unknowingly opens a portal to a terrifying world.

All my life they told me monsters weren't real. They were dead wrong.

Hello. My name is David Rawlingson Junior and I’ve accidentally opened a door into Hell.

When my brothers and I found the locked door to the newly built extension on our rental cottage, the race to find the key was on. Little did I know that exploring the room beyond would create a bridge to countless alternate realities where humans have been eradicated. Ravenous creatures stalk the night, and they want nothing more than to get onto my side and feast.

But time is running out. I can’t get the bridge to break, and the more time I spend on the wrong side of the door digging for clues, the more I fade in my world.

Whatever these creatures are, I’m the only thing in their way. Shit.

Get ready for the re-release of this creepy, disturbing and intense novel by Shelly Campbell.
Including a brand new BONUS Novella taking place after the events of that fateful day.

Gulf - Book Only

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