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This Paperback book comes with a signed bookplate by the author! Limited quantities available.

Elaenor is merely a pawn on a chessboard with too many kings. Being ripped from one loveless home to be placed in another, Nora is forced to marry a future king. A princess in her own right, she has to learn how to navigate her new role as a Queen all while falling for a man she can't have and figuring out the truth behind her mother's death. War, betrayal, abuse, and devastation fill her world as she fights to survive.

A strange dream fills her mind nightly, taunting her with an unknown man with green eyes and images of shattered glass, broken bones, and destruction. What could it mean? Is it merely a dream or a warning? She has a choice to make: royalty and power with a man who terrifies her, or the chance at true love with someone who is forbidden. Or is it possible that fighting to stay alive is her only option?

Glass and Bone - Paperback and Author Swag

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