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It's time to treat yourself (or a friend) to our Full-Sized Quarterly Box.

That's 3 books and so much more every quarter!!


Select between Dark Romance, Fantasy, Horror or The Works**!


These boxes come with:

3 fantastic books in the genre of your choosing

Bookish items

Signed book swag when we can

Curated items


Reveals come in the form of an email at least 30 days before shipment, so remember to check them out.


Choose between a Two-Quarter subscription or a Four-Quarter subscription! You can grab this subscription any time of the year. Your first box will ship in the next available quarter. Example - You order on February 1, and your first box will deliver in March!


Shipments dates to remember: March(mid to end) - June(mid to end) - September(mid to end) - December (holiday delivery guaranteed when purchased before Dec 1).


**The Works box is three genres and extra.

Dark Romance, Horror and Fantasy.

Want to replace a genre? PLEASE let us know in the comments.

We try our best to make sure this box has our Canadian titles when available.

​This particular box comes with a load of trigger due to the graphic nature of the books. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly @


These boxes are designed for mature audiences and can and will include books with adult situations

Quarterly Box - Full Sized Edition

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