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Book Three of the Empire of Ruin Series is ready to ship! 


BEYOND SUNDERED SEASEMPIRE OF RUIN BOOK THREEThe epic sequel to the award-winning ‘In Solitude’s Shadow’ and acclaimed ‘Path Of War’.The Spark is no more.Separated from her companions, Calene Alpenwood resolves to finish her task and bring an end to the bloodshed drowning Haltveldt. But violence breeds violence, and a corrupting darkness spreads where the Spark once lived in Calene’s soul.Saved from death from a mind-spinning source, the elf Brina al’Loria is tasked with the ‘simple’ mission of uniting the warring factions of Haltveldt. Reeling from staggering truths, Brina must navigate a hostile world ruled by humans and succeed in her undertaking before disaster strikes and faith is lost.Kade Besem faces a reality born from his nightmares. Alone with the Banished, the former politician pieces together the plans of a seemingly unknowable mind, and discovers plots and treachery millennia in the making.Haltveldt edges closer to the brink of ruin. With events in motion that cannot be stopped, Calene, Brina and Kade find unlikely allies and face new enemies as they fight for a future they might never see. With the odds stacked against them from the beginning, but faint embers of hope still remain as an ancient threat shows its hand at last.

Please be advised this book contains trigger warnings for self-harm, violence, death, mention of drug use, deadly magic, violence and heartbreak.
*Note the self-harm is in chapter 25 and can be skipped or skimmed without detriment to the storyline.

Praises for Path of War!
“In this fast paced, twisty action packed sequel, I learned so much more, and in desperate need for book 3!” - Anat Eliraz, author of Jewels of Smoky Quartz.

Beyond Sundered Seas - Paperback with Bookplate

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