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The Handyman Method is coming at you!

We are so excited to be able to be able to feature this collaborative horror novel by Nick Cutter and Andrew F. Sullivan.

This is a hard-to-put-down supernatural horror novel.

Trent and Rita Saban and their young son Milo move into a new house in an unfinished development. Because it is the first in the community, there are no neighbours. As they adjust to the new family roles with Rita taking on being the breadwinner, Trent throws himself into the projects with unexpected consequences.

As a former white-collar worker without home maintenance experience, he stumbles upon The Handyman Method, a YouTube channel hosted by the charismatic Hank. Every issue Trent faces, from mending a wall to reclaiming his masculinity from his wife, ol’ Hank has a solution. But there is something far more sinister at play as Trent’s toxic thoughts, obsession, and rage bubble to the surface.

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While there are some hard-to-read sections of the book (trigger warning: animal death and child abuse), it is all grounded within the story and never feels gratuitous. The mean-spirited entity that takes hold of Trent attaches itself to that relatable worry of becoming unimportant. At times, the true horror isn’t always from the thing that lurks beneath but rather from ordinary human nature. Cutter and Sullivan explore the violence and rage that result from toxic masculinity and an ever-changing society.

This is Cutter’s first novel collaboration; those who have read Sullivan’s work will appreciate the partnership. Although the authors have unique voices, they both succeed at driving their distinctive styles of eco-terror, body horror, and madness. The Handyman Method is a must-read if you enjoy the authors or the subgenres discussed.

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