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Introducing the best book box around!

Shadow and Spice book box is a box created for book lovers.

Delivering full sized boxes with three books, or single book boxes every quarter, packed with high quality extras you will love.

We aren't your grandmas book box. Our genres are dark and spicy! Pick between Dark Romance, Horror or Fantasy. Can't decided? We have The Works that comes with all three!

Because we deal with authors and publishers directly we can occasionally get exclusive covers, signed books and bookplates and author swag!

Sign up for our newsletter for all the updates on books and exclusive coupon codes as they come up. Not to mention all the reveals as the boxes get built.

Pre-built boxes (full and fun sized) always come with free shipping to the USA and Canada.

Not sure you want a prebuilt box, then build your own! Check out the add-ons section and create your own box filled with goodies and books.

Boxes, books and extras are limited to grab them while you can!

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