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  • How does shipping work?
    Each quarter your selected book box will be mailed via trackable ground shipment by either ICS, Canada Post, FedEx or UPS. Pre-built book boxes include all shipping cost for Canada and the United States. Building your own box? Meet the minimum for free shipping and all shipping costs will be removed.
  • What will come in each box?
    Each box will contain three different books in the genre of your choice by indie authors. We are committed to supporting Canadian artists, so we guarantee that each box will contain a minimum of one book by a Canadian author or publisher. The Full Sized book box (3 books) will also contain 4-6 curated bookish and indulgent items for you to enjoy. The Fun Sized Book Box (1 book) 2will also contain up to 4 bookish and indulgent items! What to expect? Soaps, treats, hand made items, self care items, stickers, book marks, author swag, magnets, pins, mugs, jewellery, gems, art prints and more!
  • What should I expect in the Dark Fantasy book box?
    We will be selecting three dark books filled with fantastical worlds and riveting characters. Series are huge in the fantasy genre, so expect some first in series book coming your way. Our intention is to allow you to fall in love with a new series every quarter. Do expect some Dark Fantasy Romance with spice. Not every title will be five chili-peppers in ratings, but there will be the occasional one mixed in. This box will also be filled with usable curated Canadian loot by small Canadian businesses.
  • What should I expect in the Horror book box?
    This collection of books will feature dark and twisted novels, novellas and anthologies by indie and well known authors. Our intention is to highlight smaller voices in the horror world and also bringing the scares. Expect moody, dark, scary books that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Trigger warnings will apply. This box will also be filled with usable curated small business items. When we can we will also include horror themed items like stickers, bookmarks and spooky inspired extras.
  • What if I already read the title?
    Our goal is to introduce you to a new author every month. We will be announcing the books that come in the box at least a month in advance of the book box release. In the event you have already read the book you may request a book exchange via email and we will do our best to substitute that specific book with a multi-authored anthology of that genre or another book. However, this will depend on stock on hand and is not a guarantee. If we cannot make an exchange please consider gifting that book to another reader or donating it. Please note you may only request one substitution per box.
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