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Shadow & Spice

Delivering Quarterly Book Box for the Canadian Book Lover.  Dark romance, fantasy, horror and more. 
Fall in love with reading all over again. 



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Step 1

Decide if you want a single purchase or a 2 or 4 box Subscription to save!
Select between our
Full-Sized box or a Single Book Box.
Add any extras you like and check out.​


Step 2


This is all us. We curate and pack your box and send them off once they are ready.


March boxes ship March 10, 2023 or sooner.


Step 3


The fun bit.

Your package has arrived!

It's time to put your feet up and take a well-deserved break.

We've all heard about a Single Book boxes, but let's talk about our Oversized Full-Sized Boxes?


Who doesn't love extra?

That is exactly what the Full-Sized boxes are all about. Extra books, extra author swag and extra Canadian made gifts.

In every order you get THREE books and 4 - 6 extra items made exclusively by Canadian small businesses. 





About Shadow & Spice



Shadow & Spice is our Book Boxes that are aimed at mature audiences. The books themselves are mature themes and the products chosen are curated specifically for 18+ readers. 

As a Canadian company we feel it is important to showcase Canadian Authors and Publishers as well as International authors. 

We make sure each Full-Sized box contains at least one Canadian Author or Publisher and then we pack each box with Canadian-made small business items, so you are supporting multiple small businesses with every box purchase.

Our Full-Sized boxes are packed with three books and lots of loot. It is a big box, and a fantastic gift to yourself or someone you love.

Our Fun-Sized or Single Book Boxes are closer to the traditional book box that you see through other retailers in size. t is a great-sized box for those just looking for one book.

BOXES ARE LIMITED, so make sure to grab them before they sell out.

Especially the exclusive covers.

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#ShadowAndSpice  #Reading #BookTokCanada


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